"Lantern" : Stainless steel construction standing just over 14' tall with LED lighting.

The Marker Series contains works of various scales and seeks to call out a warning about something

Yokohama : this sculpture is inspired by equipment and buildings seen at the harbor in Yokohama, Japan

Marker # 11 : Coal.   Painted steels, Polished Stainless Steel, and Painted Plexiglas.  It stands just over 14 feet tall and just under 3 foot square at the base.

Each stainless steel panel has the word for coal in predominant language of the culture suggested. The painted panels show symbols of these cultures.  The four sides then, refer to countries that are some of the largest users/producers of coal on the world stage.  The panel that refers to the US and Canada is primarily concerned with railroads. 

This sculpture is currently installed in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

Marker # 10 : The one-eleven.  This piece stands 14 foot tall and 3 foot square at the base.  Painted steel, Aluminum, and Plexiglas.
This sculpture speaks to the often time dangerous combinations of entitilements.

Marker # 10: The One-Eleven
Marker # 10 : The One-Eleven
Tsunami Memorial. 
The past events in Japan and the resulting media images provide the inspiration for this work.  The raw steel of the tower and gong form suggest a kinship with the disabled reactor at Fukashima by revealing a rusted and derelict interior.  The ground plexiglas that covers the roof structure and two sides refer to rice paper Shoji Sreens. 
The photos are from installations in Bellevue, Washington; Lake Oswego, Oregon; and Shoreline, Washington where it is currently in exhibition.


This is a half scale maquette for the entrance of a smoke jumper school in Alaska.
Installation photo is from an outdoor exhibition in Bellevue, Washington.

Fire Tower
Sentinel at City Hall.  Steel tower with light and wood pathways.  Approximately 18' high by 20' by 30'.

Installation photo from city hall in Bellingham, Washington.