Untitled Gate from Passage Series
Leaf detail, patina bronze plate
Latch detail
Tree Screen
Tree Screen is a private commission. The goal was to separate a more private part of the landscape from the entry road without visually closing the space.

entry post 2694
brass plate leaf detail
Entry Post 2694.  This is part of an estate entry identification. The post is approximately 12 foot tall and 4 foot wide using 6 inch square tube.  The concept is to offer a unique entrance marker visable both day and night open enough to allow overheight deliveries.

entry post 2696
Entry Post 2696.  This is the second half of split estate entry.  The 2694 side is one purpose and 2696 is intended for another.

Autumn Gate : Gallery Photo
Forest Gate : Private Residence
Trellis Gate : Private Residence
Outdoor seating area for Horseshoe Cafe, Bellingham, Washington