Listed on this page are older installation works randomly selected.

Passage.  An early outdoor installation.  Wood structures with fire. This piece was inspired by the "spirit houses" of the athabascan people in the Yukon.

Basic Movements
Basic Movements was an installation for a gallery in Detroit.  The top element is a wood pattern for sand casting (it was never intended to be cast) that dealt with springs and artesian wells.  The top row of photographs are from a farm in Ohio.  The next set of photos are of cow maure.  Below of course is a bed of hay.

Study in River Warfare # 3 detail
Study in River Warfare # 3
Study in River Warfare # 3 was part of a group of installations shown together.  The body of work spoke to polical vs. environmental arguments happening in the Pacific Northwest at the time.

Fishing.  A gallery installation for Central Michigan University (this is a studio view).  mixed media (mostly cardboard). Two cardboard cut outs of Sockeye Salmon are attached to clothes line on pullies. The viewer is invited to move the clothes line therefore moving the salmon back and forth accross the river cut out opening.

After Fishing.  An installation piece for a University gallery(studio photo).  mixed media.

After fishing